How Do You Get Rid Of Water Stains From A Glass Shower Screen?


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Of course, almost every single one of us will have our own best hints and tips for getting water stains from a glass shower screen. There are even Internet forums and websites dedicated to sharing these tips and discussing the best ways of carrying out the job successfully. Some of the most popular suggestions to grace the web have been listed below:
•Neat washing up liquid can be thinly applied and left for a few minutes over the stains. It can then be wiped away using a damp cloth.
•Glass cleaner can also be used to get rid of the stains however some people do not wipe it off with a cloth. Instead, using a newspaper to wipe away the cleaner can be a more effective way of removing the grime and keeping it at bay for longer.
•Some lime scale solutions or cleaning sprays that are designed to be used in the kitchen to remove dirt from the sink can also be used. After spraying the solution on the stains, wait a few minutes and then wipe away with a cloth.
•Oven cleaner can also be used in the same way as the lime scale solution as it is designed to get rid of the toughest of dirty stains. Make sure you have the bathroom well ventilated through as the fumes can get very strong.
•An ingredient in window cleaner- some people actually suggest using neat vinegar. They put the household condiment onto a cloth and then wipe it around the shower screen.
•There are even some people who use car wash products that have an inbuilt wax on their shower screens as it helps keep the surface shiny for longer.
•Some branded products such as Kaboom! And Cillitbang also get a mention for their effectiveness in ridding shower screens of water stains.

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