How Do You Get Rid Of A Mole From Your Back Garden?


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Hi I have found the answer.
I tried everything every tried on the web sites but now have found the answer,
You will have to make or know someone who is going to France or Spain to go to the garden centre and buy Le Detaupeur mole killer .
It is electronic but has a like fire cracker which is set off by the mole.(not with a match)
I thought no way but have now killed 5 moles one everytime I set the device.
Check out and watch the film.
YES IT WORKS,and the moles end up perfect but dead.
I am very sorry for them when I dig them up but when your garden has hundreds of molehills you give up feeling sorry for them
They are not cheap but if you are plagued by moles it is worth every penny.
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Moles and gardeners don't mix well. Getting rid of them can - and often does - turn into a battle of wits.

The problem with moles - especially with the imminent arrival of baby moles - is that as soon as you get rid of one lot, there's often a new family ready to move in. Consequently, ridding your garden of moles is likely to be an on-going task.

The most humane way to deal with moles is to employ a modern deterrent. For around £20 or so you can purchase devices that emit either high frequency sound waves or low level vibrations that make moles take to their heels. These devices are usually battery operated, so have to be checked regularly.

If you would prefer a more low tech approach, old gardeners used mothballs, cloves of garlic, chilli powder and smoke cartridges. Another old favourite was to soak the tunnel entrances and runs with a four tablespoon mix of castor oil and washing up liquid at three parts castor oil to one part detergent. This was then added to a gallon of water and sprayed with a water can as described.
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I am sure those moles in your backyard are giving you a lot of problems. You might be definitely facing a lot of damage.
Well, I can suggest you some non toxic ways to save your garden. But they involve trapping the moles....
First and foremost line all the sides and bottoms of your plants and beds with 1/2-inch galvanized wire mesh. Next, in the tunnels that is formed by these moles just place in animal traps. Or else, if you spot a mole then simply close the both the exit points with shovels and try catching the mole yourself. You can set the trap by placing in worms which means that you can catch them easier.

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