How Do I Rid My Lawn Of Moles?


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Well moles are really hard to get rid of. The most effective way to rid your lawn of moles is "trapping". Chemicals mostly don't work with them, so use these trapping tools.
1. Harpoon
2. Scissor-jaw
3. Choker loop
Finally, try one more recipe. Mix 3 tablespoon hot sauce, 2 tablespoon liquid dish soap and 1 qt water. Pour this mixture into their runways. I hope it will make them run away for good.
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I suppose you have tried every possible remedy available for your lawn moles, short of killing each of them individually. Apart from its humorous side, it is actually one of the best remedies. The link below discusses it in detail. Also try sprinkling generous amounts of Castor oil on your lawn (if you have not tried it already), it really helps.
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When I lived in Michigan I had yard moles that just would not leave or die..I tried everything. I called the University of Michigan and was told to buy some children's 'wind mills' any size. I had always seen these wind mills on lawns in northern Michigan so I gave it a try. Over night...moles were gone. Never had them return just as long as I kept the wind mills in yard. I also was told moles love to eat the bulbs of plants and I had cannas..lots of them. Doesn't hurt to give it a worked for me. I just stuck them in the ground in various places. Neighbors may have thought I had lost my mind but I sent the moles to their yards..LOL.
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I have tried all the above and nothing works!!!
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Try Banana peels ,it works for Gophers.Leave the peel laying on the ground at the hole and the gopher takes it down into the hole and does not come back. I used to see my dad do this and it works.
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I can assure you that trapping is the most effective way to rid your lawn of moles. Sonic repellers, poisons and other home remedies simply do not work. For more information please visit

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