How To Prevent Rabbits And Moles From Garden?


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For the rabbits and moles and groundhogs too!:
There is a rabbit repellent, that keeps out other animals too:
You can use this website too, it is very helpful, and detailed about how to make fences to keep out deer, rabbits, moles, and groundhogs!:
And here is a website that will help you get rid of the moles in your garden for good:
I bet with these three websites, you will be a VERY happy gardener!
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I've tried repellents, even moth balls as some have suggested.  Trust me, they don't work.  Rabbits live in/around your home because they live close to food and water (they don't commute like we do).  So figure out what they're eating and where they're drinking and take care of that problem.  If you have a lot of plants they eat, then put chicken wire around those plants or plant something that isn't rabbit friendly.  Water is a harder problem to really tackle, but if you have an obvious feature that is attracting them, then handle that.  If they have nothing to eat, then they'll move on.  A funny smell isn't going to make them go away for good, especially if ponderosa (your garden) is right next door.

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