How Do You Keep Squirrels, Rabbits And Birds Out Of The Garden?


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    For Birds:
  1) Cover your plants with a fine mesh or netting. 
  2) Prune your trees so that they don't offer much shelter or nesting places     
   3) Scare them away with a scarecrow or plastic snakes & owls
   4) Keep a full bird feeder away from the garden
  For Squirrels:

    1. Wrap tree trunks with aluminum collars to prevent damage. It isn't attractive, but it prevents squirrels from climbing.
    2. If you have a pole-mounted birdhouse, use a plastic base. Squirrels can't get a foothold on it.
    3. Place a wire mesh over the ground where you plant bulbs, anchoring it so it can't be pushed as

   For Rabbits:

  1. Place a wire mesh over the areas you've planted.
  2. Add a fence; it should be two to six inches deep and at least four feet tall.

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Well if you put food out then I suggest you shouldn't. That should keep them away as they will notice theres no food for them

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