How Can I Keep Squirrels Away?


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Squirrels have been outsmarting us forever!!  I have had some luck with moth balls and blood meal.  Blood meal works well with rabbits too.  It can be purchased at a feed store greenhouse.  Moth balls can be bought about anywhere.  If you have children, you may want to avoid the moth balls or ANY chemical.  Other animals will not be harmed by either of these methods, where chemicals always have a chain effect on our environment.  Good luck!! 
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If you put moth balls out near your plant about 6 inches away from the plants they will stay away form them!!! But make sure they are at least 6 inches away so the tomatoes don't get a funny taste to them!!! This really work very well!!! I use it all the time!!!
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Crushed rep pepper or bonemeal will keep them out!
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Try getting a small dog and allow him to mark territory around your garden. Allow the dog to run in the yard early in the morning, and when it gets dark. Squirrels don't like dogs, and if yours is around a lot, that might keep them away. Try feeding the squirrels sunflower seeds, in a location well away from the garden. Put up one of those fake owls. I have used aluminum pie plates tied to a stake that reflects over your garden. They don't like the reflections moving around. Good luck, squirrels are some of the craftiest creatures alive.
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I would by some chemicals at your local lowe's or home depot that you could put in your yard to keep them away.

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my answer would be as above they have all sorts of repellent that you can purchase to keep animals away and not kill them. Peace

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