Will Mothballs Keep Fleas Away?


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Mothballs can help fight a flea infestation, although they pose certain health hazards that you should be aware of.

Mothballs repelling fleas  My mom used to have a bit of a flea problem in her house - caused by her insistence on constantly re-homing strays.

According to her, mothballs worked really well to rid the house of fleas (although she needed to treat the cats with flea drops too).

In truth, the only problem with mothballs is that, because they are made from a chemical called para-dichlorobenzene, they can be harmful to humans and pets too. This makes them rather dangerous to use, especially if you've got animals or small kids around.

Pets have a habit of mistaking mothballs for treats, and small children are prone to do the same thing too.

Even if you're just breathing in the fumes that the pest-control balls let off, then you're still putting your health at risk. Prolonged exposure has even been linked to certain forms of cancer!

In my opinion, there are many 'shake-and-vac' style products that you could use on carpets and upholstery. They are just as cheap, and probably even more effective.
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Fleas collars themselves are coated in a mothball powder. Mothballs kill/repel almost anything.

And it only costs a few dollars for a large container.

I've sprinkled moth crystals (not the too large for the vacuum cleaner balls) on the carpet, let sit for about an hour then vacuum up. Do keep all pets and small children away until it us all vacuumed up.

Did that once and kept fleas out of the house for several years, even with having several more pets.

I know people will complain about the odor. Well, you do have windows, right? If having an hour or two of having that odor outweighs the year or more of ridding your house of fleas, then this is not for you. You can spend more money on less effective methods all you want.
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No, it will not. And they can be irritating and bad for people or animals breathing. For fleas you need an insecticide (shampoo, spray, or powder).

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