Why Do Bed Bugs Itch And The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them?


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You can do following things

  • Change the bed sheet at least one a week
  • Wash the bedding this will surly kill them
  • Use Vacuum-cleaner on the mattress
  • Place the mattress in the sun and let it dry because they don't like dry places.
  • If every thing is of no use then get a new mattress

Hope these tip might help you

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I hate to say it, but if the treatment you used didn't work, maybe you need a new mattress and box springs.
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Be sure to use a mattress pad also. Or check out the ad below.
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Fighting bed bugs is a real challenge and it can surely disturb your sleep. You can try few things such as your room should have proper air ventilation and it will be better if Sun rays falls on your room, if not, you can do one thing, takeout your mattress and put it somewhere in the sunlight for few hours. You can try anti-germ sprays.

Furthermore, if you have not changed your mattress for years, its time to change the same. You can try Fresh Up Mattresses made with bug free technology and comes with around 10 years of warranty.

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Well if you have the money get new mattress for evey one in the home and then buy some mattress and box spring covers ( plastic ones ) this wil help so that that you will not get bitten any more. I hope this helps.

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