What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas?


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My husband and I just went through the same thing. First get your pet the frontline or advantage drops from the vet. Also they have a pill called capstar that you can get from the vet. It starts to kill fleas in 20 minutes the only down side to it is that it only lasts 24 hrs. And it only kills adult fleas and not the eggs. But it works really good to give your pet some instant relief. Its around 3 dollars for the pill. Then to treat our house we did the flea bomb things but that just worked a little so my father in law gave us a good idea. Go to your local Walmart and buy about 2-3 boxes of borax- it is a laundry detergent booster so it will be down the isle with laundry soap.The box is green and it has a picture of mules pulling a cart.
 okay this is the messy part but it really does work. Put the powder everywhere!  carpet, furniture, bathroom rugs , couches- under cushions as well-  I mean EVERYWHERE. Then wait 24 hrs. Or more if you want and vacuum it all up. Its not an easy job but it works.
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You can try using flea powder made for furniture and carpets, or shampoo your carpet with flea shampoo. Vacuum daily and keep using the flea powder until fleas are gone.
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That is a good question.  If you have inside and outside animals that is probably how they are coming in.  You need to bathe your animals on a regular basis, probably weekly at least if they have fleas.  I would use a shampoo that can help remove them.  Also, put a flea collar on them, they are usually pretty cheap.  I would try your local pets store or vet and ask what products you can use that work best and fastest.  On your furniture you will need to sterilize it and everything.  You may have to buy new furniture.  I would also ask your local pet store or vet about that.  I am not sure.  Fleas can spread fast, and are sometimes hard to get rid of.  Good luck.

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