How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My Carpet With No Animals In The House?


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This may sound a bit "off the wall" however, you can get rid of the adult fleas by putting out saucers of water with detergent in them, place a lamp over these saucers and turn them on at night.  The fleas jump into the water and can't get out because of the detergent.  That's the adult fleas.    You have flea eggs in your carpet and other areas where the cat may have been, i.e. Bedding.  I would use a flea bomb one more time and make sure the ingredients contain IGR which is Insect Growth Regulator and will attack the flea eggs.    Also vacuum one more time only this time go v-e-r-y slowly over the carpet using a new vacuum bag.  When I vacuum I will take 1/2 to 1 hour for the living room alone so that I really get all the dirt up and not just remove the top layer of dirt.  But do each area of the home with the vacuum and go as slow as you can and let the vacuum suck up all the eggs.  Be sure you dispose of the vacuum bag afterward and don't leave it in the vacuum.
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I have had this problem and I have pets. My best suggestion is as follows:

Vacuum your house and furniture real well, (including mattresses) and throw out the bag. Go to a licensed vetrinarian and get a flea bomb. Depending on the size of your house you may need more. They should be able to tell you. Bomb the house, it usually takes about two hours sometimes more depending on the product directions. No one should be in the house during the bombing process. Upon returning home vacuum again extremely well and toss the bag again.

This has always worked for me. If you do have any pets please make sure that while your bombing the house you are having them de-fleaed or you will get re-infested rather quickly.

Good Luck!
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Get best yet it works

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