What Will Kill Fleas In The House If You Don't Have Carpet?


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Whether you have carpet or not just put shallow pans of soapy water on the floor and the fleas will jump into them and drown. I know it sounds crazy but I did it and it worked. Change the water everyday until you don't see fleas in it any more. I never knew the source of the fleas that I had as we don't own any pets but we do have a lot of sand around our place so maybe they were sand fleas. I keep a clean house, vacuum regularly etc. So I was really surprised when I found that there were fleas in my house. That was about 3 years ago and I haven't had the problem since. Hope it works for you.
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We tried this and man it was fun to watch all those fleas committing suicide (my little sedistic side). We had tried foggers, yard sprays, Hartz furniture spray, etc and still had fleas. We are now trying bleach, pine-sol and the soapy water trick. So far we have killed more fleas than the insecticides have. Thanks for the tips.
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I think you forgot the borax+salt trick
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2/3 applications of flea bombs. Eggs can hatch 3/4 days after application. Bomb once, spray cracks and crevices. Bomb again a few days later. Move furniture away from walls, cushions off the furniture, open closet doors etc. Before each bombing.

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