Can I Use Bleach To Kill The Fleas In My House?


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Bleach will damage or destroy most materials, the only places it can be used safely are counter tops and sinks - fleas don't live there unless your place is really really filthy. Diatomaceous earth and boric acid are safe/natural insecticides that can be sprinkled in the carpet and other places fleas live, they will kill the bugs but not your pets. There are also carpet shampoos that will kill the fleas.
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I used Lysol to get hundreds of ladybugs, I don't know if it'll work for fleas, though. You'll have to try it. It SHOULD work.
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I have been spraying for days with javex diluted with a bit of water,,and spreading it well with a mop the smell is horrible,, but it is working,, I'd say another day or 2 and we should be completely under control, I also was able to spray my carpet with the mixture at bedtime without it fading, but I tested a small inconspicuous spot first and it didn't fade, I do not recommend spraying your carpet with Jagex to anyone, this is just what I decided to do and its working for me,, if you do this TEST YOUR CARPET FIRST!!
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If you decide to do that I would first call my Vet and the company that makes the bleach. Just be careful not to harm your animals. Your vet may be able to recommend something better than bleach. Hope everything works out for you : )
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Yes,they can kill ordinary home fleas as it is good with it.You cannot use it on your pet fleas.So,using it required you to be very careful.
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You can use a cloth soaked in bleach and wipe down all your perimeters, but in the end, you will only have to put the hard cash out and call an exterminator. Been there, thanks to tenants with a dog#$##.

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