How Do You Build Scaled House Models?


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A scale model basically is an illustration or copy of an article which is bigger or smaller than the real size of the object being symbolized. To build the scale model of a house you will require thick cardboard or poster board.

Nearly all house plans are created on a scale of 1/4inch which is equal to a foot, which is perfect for a model. Generally you should start by gluing the basement floor plan to a section of the cardboard. Later with the help of a hobby knife cut through the drawing and the cardboard to form a precise scale model of your floor plan.

After this continue to construct your scale house, as detailed as you like it, with the help of a floor plan, sections and elevations.
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Cut 2 peices of cardboard the same size and another 2 the same height as the others but a different length, cut a big square you can glue the 4 pieces of cardboard on. Do this 3 times for your basic structure. Then, for the roof, cut 2 parallelograms that start on the edge and meet at the tip of the house. On each side, there will be a triangular opening, cut 2 triangles that same size and glue them.

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