How Do You Build Chimney?


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I built my own fireplace that turned really good,make sure the chimney is at the back of the firebox and the walls of the firebox are angled in slightly so as to draw the smoke in and up,most building supply stores sell ovel bricks(like oval pipe )to be used in the center and a red clay brick for the outer shell,make sure the top of the chimney is at least 3 feet above the roof line so it will draw the smoke out,use rebar to support the chimney.
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Yooti Bhansali answered
A chimney is a kind of contraption used to vent either hot flue gases or smoke emitted from mediums that are undergoing a rise in temperature like boilers, furnaces or fireplaces towards the external atmosphere. They are generally nearly vertical to assure the smooth flow of the hot gases, by the drawing in of air into the combustion by means of what is called as the Chimney effect or the stack effect. The space in the interior part of a chimney is known as a flue.

Earlier, chimneys used to generally be built by stacking bricks on top of each other.

Industrial chimneys, also known as flue gas stacks are generally external edifices. Nowadays they are mostly made out of concrete instead of brick. However, refractory bricks are used to make up the lining, especially if the fuel getting heated emits flue gases that contain acids.

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