How Can I Clean Mortar Off Bricks?


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It's simple; just use a compressed air chisel as I once did. It'll work great but use gloves for vibrations and safety glasses because the mortar tends to fly about. This technique also works with cement too, provided the bricks aren't too brittle. I found a hammer takes too long though. Usually use this when dealing with a lot of bricks.
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I have broken down a wall and it has left cement stains on the remaining bricks - how do I remove the stains?
Noel - South Africa
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Mortar means a type of compound material which is used in construction. It is used to align bricks, tiles, stones, blocks, etc, into a structure. The use of mortar was started by Romans. Mortar is a mixture of sand, water and cement. The compound of these three substances is made in a way that it may be capable enough to hold the brick or blocks together. To decorate any thing with tiles, a very thin mixture of mortar is used.

To remove mortar from a wall, you need some tools and instruments which will help you in the task. You can use a hammer which is strong enough to force the mortar out and to support the hammer you need a chisel. Place the chisel in between two bricks where the mortar is, and then strike with the hammer on the head of the chisel. Do this, until you find that the mortar you want to get rid of is removed.

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