How To Build Indoor Fireplace With Plans?


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Building an indoor fireplace isn't an easy task. A lot of considerations need to be taken into account before you can even start building the fireplace. For example, where is the chimney going to be situated in the house? Is the place where you want it suitable, from a structural point of view, to allow the chimney to rise to the roof without compromising cross beams in the ceiling? You also need to secure some local authority permits/planning permission to allow you to make changes to the structure of your house. Health and safety must be taken into account, that the fireplace will have sufficient ventilation to remove all smoke and soot from the fire.

  • Fireplace Construction Consultation
Many home improvement companies actually provide services that allow customers to consult about changes to their home. It would be helpful to check the websites of Home Depot, Lowes, and Builder Square, as they have departments that help you prepare for what changes you want to make to your home.

  • Specialist Fireplace Companies
If you want to buy a pre-made fireplace for easy installation, then it would be good to check out the Regency Fire website, or I Buy Wood Stoves.

A very good company for actual fireplace building consultation is Buckley Rumford Fireplaces, found at They can help draw up any plans for many different designs of fireplace, to help suit any function and the look you are trying to achieve - detailed drawings/plans of the design you choose, allowing for easy installation. They also provide many different tools to streamline the process of installing a fireplace, including flue dimensions and component/accessory lists.

  • How Flue Dimensions Affect the Placement of a Fireplace
Flue dimensions are a key part to the designing of any chimney system, most importantly so that you make sure that all of the smoke is removed from the fire. If you have too small a flue, box area or length of the flue, for the size of fireplace, it may not funnel away all of the smoke, potentially leading to some smoke leaking into your room.

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