How Do You Build Decking?


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Depending on your level of skill as a carpenter, there are numerous ways to build decking. You could construct decking by first clearing the ground, sinking cement pilings, covering the ground with waterproofing material and cutting and joining lumber. Most of this takes construction skills and a variety of professional tools. Another way to build your decking is with premade decking "kits".

Deck tile systems can be used over a concrete terrace or directly on the bare ground. They snap together and, if need be, can be easily cut with a jig saw to customize them to your site. If you already have a cement layer that you can use it under your decking
I would go with the Swift Deck system . Their tiles are made from Ipe wood. Ipe wood grows in South central America and is one of the tallest trees in the Amazon.  This system comes in 2 styles and 2 sizes with some nice edge peices.

If you are going down onto bare ground I like the Amega Wood teak tiles . These tiles have a very sturdy plastic tubing on the ground side, and the wood slats themselves are slightly spaced to allow for water drainage. The teak tiles are also supplied unfinished so you can choose your own stain.

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