What Is Comparison Of Composite Decking And Wood Decking?


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Whenever a person wants to build up a deck he gets confused if he should use a wood decking or a composite decking, however both have their advantages and flaws. Although composite decking was made out of materials which were designed to avoid mold, cracks, splints etc.

Composite decking is the latest thing in the market and a great replacement to the wood decking. They require much less maintenance as compared to the wood decking because the materials used in composite decking are mostly water proof and do not get any splinters or cracks. They are perfect to have near a swimming pool or spa because they are water proof and just need to be washed with soap.

It is much more environmental friendly as compared to wood decking and have no maintenance cost although they are more expensive than wood decking.

However wood decking is one of the oldest decking used and its greatest advantage is its natural look and appeal which no other decking can have. Although it can have problems like molds, cracks, splints and openings, it is much cheaper than the composite decking. It has its own feel and is much more durable than composite decking. However it is not waterproof and can cause the wood to get rotten. If the correct wood is chosen then a lot of problems can be diminished. Cedar is usually a popular wood choice for decking mainly because it is resistant to bug fumigation, is good looking and can resist damage.
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Absolutely agree with this article Composite is really more convenient and profitable than the wood I found a great site where, you will be able to see with your own eyes the results of the work. Just go here and you will obviously choose composite decking.

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