How Do You Install A Natural Gas Range?


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First, shop for a suitable natural gas range of your preference. Once you get it pull out the old stove and measure out the space in which you have to install the new range. Ah! and do not forget to ask for the electrical connection required for the stove to operate on. Take all the measurements to connect the stove in such a way that the wires would remain behind the stove. After that, tap a gas line for this stove. After the preliminaries, now let us get into the actual procedure.

Initially shut of the gas meter and then grill holes of 1 inch for the pipe on the floor. After that, cap of the nipple and tighten each connection of the stove with a joint compound. Finally install the gas valve into the gas pipe. For this just follow the instructions given on the package. This is the most important part. Once the installation is done check thoroughly for gas leaks. If there aren't any then you have successfully installed a natural gas stove.

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