How To Build A Round Brick Wishing Well?


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Follow my rough instructions and you should be able to build yourself a wishing well, but it depends precisely what kind of wishing well it is that you want to build. I'm assuming you want a traditional well with a hole in the ground, and a cover over the top.

  • Buy your bricks

First of all, choose the ricks that you want to use for your wishing well. Choose bricks that go with the rest of the things in your garden, to make sure that your wishing well looks great. Then, buy the right amount of bricks. Estimate the size of your wishing well and then figure out how many bricks you need, and add a couple more on top in case you ever break any of the bricks.

  • Prepare the well

You then need to dig the hole. The hole should be whatever depth you want, but remember if you have children it's not great to have an incredibly deep well. This could prove quite a hazard, and you don't want your children at risk. So dig the hole to a sensible and appropriate depth, and then line it with a liner to ensure that the water doesn't seep through the soil. Once you've done this, fill up the hole and then start building the brick around the top of the hole. This is really easy. You could build it like a dry stone wall, or use cement to make it a little more stable. Once you've done this, you're pretty much done. To add a little more, you could add a roof to the well. You could build it yourself or buy it from a DIY store.  Then you're done! You'll soon be enjoying the decorative well in your garden throughout the year.
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Dig it and stay laying brick. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

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