How To Build A Smoker?


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You seem to be referring to a meat smoker. A meat smoker is quite simple to make. It is a kind of an insulated box made out of wood or metal. You should use an electric element in your meat smoker to keep its temperature low and stable. It is also important to keep spaces for the smoke to escape as too much smoke can make the taste of the meat bitter. A meat smoker is built in case you want to make your meat smoky in flavour. Create a fire chamber by connecting the pipes that bring smoke and fire to the food chamber. It is better to make your smoker portable, so you can take it wherever you want to.
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Creating a smoke is not that difficult, a smoke basically is an insulated box. A simple meat smoker can be created from metal, wood and at times even from cardboard.

The best source of heat for a smoker is an electric element, because it is extremely controllable and stable. Normally when smoking meat it is essential to keep the temperature constant hence insulated boxes are used. After this another vital thing that you require in a smoker is moisture source. This can be done by placing a pan of water between the hat source and the food material to be cooked.
The last but most important thing that you need in your smoker is a supply of wood smoke. The SmokePistol and GrillKicker have been created to serve this purpose.

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