How To Build A Snooker Table?


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To build a standard snooker table, the height should be kept at 3569mm and breath at 1778 mm that is approximately 11ft 8.5in by 5ft 10in. The table's height from the ground to cushion should be anything between 851mm and 876mm that is (2ft 9.5in and 2ft 10.5in).

The table needs to have six pockets, one in each corner and two of them in the center of the longest side. The size of the pocket should be approximately around 90mm (3.5in). The "undercut" of the pocket decides how quickly a ball goes in. as compared to billiards table, snooker table has round pockets, where as pool tables have sharp corners. The shape of the pockets determines how accurate your shots are. The cushions that you will use are mostly made from Vulcanized rubber.

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