How To Cnvert Gas Stove To Electric?


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S Dian answered
You need to purchase an electric stove. You cannot convert a gas stove to an electric stove. EVERYTHING is different except the outside shell.

If you cannot afford to purchase one, go to yahoo groups, find a freecycle group in your area and see if someone is giving one away for free.

Good Luck.
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Norm Grande answered
I take it you are replacing the gas stove with an electric stove? The new stove will have a nameplate with the amperage required. A 40 amp 220 volt is typical. This would use an 8/3 wire and a 40 amp 2 pole breaker. You would also want a range plug and box, as well a a range cable to be able to plug in the stove to your new receptacle.
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Richard McCraw answered

That is not possible to convert Gas stove to electric stove, So you need to buy electric stove.

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