What Do I Need To To Wire Up An Electric Stove?


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You Require 50 amp double pole breaker, 4 conductor 50 amp wiring (6ga/or 8ga) and to get the detailed information with pictures, visit the links below.
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Deemarcas Day
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You should also make sure the cord is included with your new appliance. Many do not include the cord. Agree with zuhail's answer, also, the plug in should be a 6-50 if you are running 220/240, most common in households for stoves and dryers.
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Many electric ranges are 40 amp using a #8- 3 conductor. The stove will have a nameplate with this info, and the breaker would then be a 2 pole 40 amp.
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I know the big the gage the beater but do I need  to get the 8 gage wire

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