How Do I Convert A Gas Stove To An Electric Stove?


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There is no way to do such a conversion. Just get yourself a good electric cooktop, those aren't that expensive, I am pretty sure that you will easily afford one. Cooktophunter website could be helpful if you don't know much about modern cooktops.

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In order to convert a gas stove to an electric stove here is what you need to do. Sell the gas stove and purchase an electric stove because it is impossible to convert a gas appliance to an electric appliance. I must admit that I am amazed that anyone that is this stupid has the mental capability to type much less know about the internet.
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I don't get why people answer things that have no idea what they are saying.. I am certain it is possible there are a few places that do this professionally I think does that if I have the website correct. You might want to see if they will give you advice they also have a listing of parts.

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