What Is The Difference Between A Gas Dryer And An Electric Dryer?


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The gas unit developed a higher internal temperature and is more energy efficient. And it drys the clothes faster,too! The electric has a nice finish and it makes an excellent work space on top. Connecting differences will have to be visually checked out. Both dryers require a larger 3 or 4 inch crimped metal exhaust for the heated air that has plenty of moist air & lint. The gas unit will need a thick threaded gas supply pipe with a shut-off valve. Both types have to have a regular 110 volt duplex outlet to power lights, controls and electric motors. The electric clothes dryer requires a 220 volt special electrical outlet that consists of only one plug in location which is at least
twice the size of a regular duplex outlet, normally seen throughout a home.
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I used an electric dryer for years in my space. My friend says gas dryers do the job much more quickly. Gas and electricity rates vary from place to place so you will need to check rates before you decide.
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The difference is in their way of operations. One is run by electricity and the other by gas. So in my opinion, you should go for a gas dryer because it will cost a lot less than the other one.
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One uses gas. One uses electricity

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