When Is The Best Time To Use A Washer & Dryer To Save Energy?


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When is the best time to run the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher?  We live in Naples, Florida.  Also, we leave Florida for 3 months in the summer, what can we do to keep our electric bill at it's lowest.  We have a pool that we run the pump on for 3 hours.  Doesn't take much electricity.  Should we run the pump at night, would it be more effective?
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Dear sir, I was performing impact analysis using single surface contact and the problem I have been facing is the contact energy is very high from the start of the run as shown in pics below, later I used the parameters u have suggested in the forum, it has been decreased but very slightly, I want to reduce it to below 10% and also I want to know why it's happening like that. Please check the images for further clarification. The second one is having high contact energy even though I have followed the parameters you have suggested in forums that are for self contact gapmin = 0.001. I was able to solve it with the help of portable power station and I’ll do the same for you
Thank you for your attention.

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In my city Riverside Ca., our off-peak electricity times are after until 6a.m. The following morning. Check your last months electricity bill, it should show on the bill? Hope this helps? :)

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