My Spin Dryer Keeps Tripping Out The Sockets Every Time I Turn It On. I Have Changed Plugs And Tried Plugging It Into A Different Socket But It Still Does The Same Thing. What's Wrong?


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This is all sounds very familiar. I had a similar thing occur with an electric shower. It would trip the fuse at the fuse box intermittently for no apparent reason, even when there was no on else at home using any other electrical appliances. On these occasions there was no-one to yell at to reset the breaker at the fuse box while you dodged a jet of cold water.

But back to your spin dryer. The solution may be the contact breaker at the fuse box. With our shower, it turned out that it was drawing 29.6 amps on a 30 amp contact breaker.

If someone in another household on the same mains circuit went for shower at the same time, our shower would trip the fuse until they were done. The solution was to replace the 30 amp contact breaker with a larger 40 amp contact breaker.

However, consult a qualified electrician before messing with your mains fuse box.
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im not sure whether this would work as its the sockets so every appliance using a socket would be affected unlike your shower which had its own individual breaker
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Something is wrong with the dryer. Perhaps there is something wedged in the tub that is preventing it from spinning. Maybe the motor has gone bad. Regardless, if you have moved the plug to a different outlet and it continues to trip whatever breaker is serving that outlet, then you can be pretty certain that the problem lies within the dryer.
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My Kenmore dryer runs for about 1 minute and then it trips the Breaker. What can I check on the dryer to see if my problem is with the dryer, or if the Breaker is at fault.

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