How To Remove Shower Faucet?


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My shower faucet squeak when turned on and drip when turned on. I removed the handle but there is another metal handle that needs to be removed. I do I remove that? I don't see any type of screw or anything visible.
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My shower handle turns to go on but I need to know how to remove it so I can replace it
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Just a series of hidden screws, pop those center caps on the handles, then unscrew the phillips or robby screw. Then usually there will be a screw on the faucet itself once you've removed the handles. Make sure you've turned the water off first. Look under the faucet. Allen (hex) key's may be needed too. If it's a single clockwise rotating handle, look under the handle to find the correct screw, then remove the handle, and the large circular cover plate should have one or two long screws.
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Sounds like you are asking about the shower knob. A faucet is what water comes out of.
Shower knobs are not all designed the same, so it is difficult to advise you. But I will try.
First, look on the side of the knob to see if there is a set screw on it. Most handles require the use of a very small flathead screwdriver to remove this screw. Then you should be able to pull the handle off. You may have to wiggle it a bit as you pull, but do not use a lot of force because you don't want to disturb the plumbing pipe which is behind it. Some handles require a small allen wrench which is an "L" shaped tool.
I would first go to a hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes and try to find the same type of handle. This will save you from having to remove and replace the inner parts behind the handle. Unless of course that is the part which is leaking. Replacement kits are available and come with a handle and backplate. You will probably only need the handle and backplate kit. Once you have removed the handle, there should be two screws holding the backplate on. One on each side. Simply remove these, then pull the old plate off. Put the new plate on, replace the screws, then put the new handle on and set in the new screw for the handle. That's it, you are done.
It's not that difficult and the replacement kits have directions on them in case you run into trouble.
Once you have located the correct handle, before purchasing it, I would go home and pull the old one to make sure that the inner part which is connected to the water pipe is not leaking. If it is leaking, you will need the whole replacement kit and I would recommend that you call a plumber if it is because that part would require some knowledge and skill to replace. The water pipe that it is connected to could easily be damaged causing a major problem. Especially if it is copper pipe.

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