How To Change A Faucet Washer?


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The first thing to do while replacing the faucet washer is to turn off the water line by turning the knob off under the sink. After you do that, remove the cap of the faucet by pulling it off by a nail file and then carefully remove the entire handle along with the screws. Take the new faucet and then follow the instructions that come along with the faucet. Every faucet has a different way of installing it. Installing the faucet is just like uninstalling it. You need to first put the rubber ring first then attach all the relevant screws that came along with it.

Put the main faucet on top of it and tighten it. After you have done this, turn the water knob on which is placed below the sink and then turn on the faucet. The water should smoothly flow out of it.

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