Kitchen Faucet Repair Faucet Is Loose How To Fix?


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If one of your kitchen faucets is loose it does not require a plumber. It is really quite simple to fix in under an hour. The most important thing to do first of all is to turn off the main water supply. This may need to be done from the main water supply switch, which, if you have one, may be located in your basement or under the sink. It does vary for each country and house. However, it may work fine by just turning off the water supply that is being supplied to that faucet. It all depends on the way your sink is set up.
After this, disconnect the water supply lines (the pipes that supply water to the faucet). If you are simply fixing rather than replacing then you only need to disconnect this pipe. Now detach the faucet. To do this you will need to remove the handles and the escutcheons (decorative plate or base) to get to the nuts in order to remove these. Once the faucet has been removed, check to see if it has a rubber seal and if this is intact. If there is none present or the rubber has worn away, apply some putty or similar substance to ensure a tight seal. Then put the faucet back on, ensuring the connections are tight. If there are any worn washers make sure you replace these to ensure the faucet will be fully tightened and leak-proof. When replacing the escutcheons, apply a little putty underneath to ensure it is secure and then replace the handles and remove any excess putty. Reconnect the supply line and then turn the water back on. Your faucet should be now tighter and more secure.
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The best why I have found to stop this is to install a rubber 'O' ring between the base of the tap and the granite worktop then tighten the faucet back down.  This should solve the problem.
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This depends on if the faucet is leaking to underneath. Sometimes the water will leak under the faucet and rust the mounts that hold it down. Or it might just be a loose nut or fitting that has backed off a little. If you look under the sink while someone moves the faucet and see if its a rusted mount or a loose fitting. If the mount it rusted, the faucet may have to be replaced. Sometimes there isn't an easy fix. Hope this helps.

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