How Do I Dye A Sofa Slipcover?


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RIT is usually wasteful, as it contains both a cotton dye and a polyester dye. It's only useful if the item is a blended fabric. Otherwise, whichever dye your fabric doesn't take will go down the drain, and some of it also will remain on the fabric and transfer onto other items (like people's butts when they sit on the couch). If it's an all-cotton cover, use Jacquard iDye. It's a lot cheaper and it's the more appropriate dye for this purpose. Fiber-reactive dyes will look even more professional, though they're a bit more expensive and you need to use soda ash and synthropol with them. IDye is a better deal for something heavy like a slipcover, which will require a lot of dye. The iDye can be used in a toploader or frontloader washing machine, and I've never had it stain the washer or anything.
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Please do not bleach your, this moron will have you ruining your fabric and there's no way back. Bleaching actually damages the fabric, and its permanent, dying will not do anything but may just give a different coloured area to the rest. Read the instructions!
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Just buy a fabric dye from any craft store or supermarket. Rit is a popular one. Most have instructions on how to use the powder. Usually, you can either dye it on the stove in a large pan or in the washing machine. However, with something as big as a slipcover you'll probably have to stick with the washing machine or a similar large scale option.

Before dying it, I would personally bleach the color out so that you can be sure the original shade doesn't interfere with the new shade you've chosen. Ideally, if you're doing it yourself, you should check out some diy sites like this:

I used those instructions myself and everything turned out wonderfully!

You can also take it to a professional to have it done- the same type of place you may take a dress or shoes to be dyed. If you're worried about the slipcover being ruined in the dying process, a pro is definitely the way to go.
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Try using Ritz can purchase it from wal=mart. It does a really good job. I dyed my curtains and it done an amazing job. I think you'll be satisfied.

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