How Do I Determine The Angle To Move A Sofa Through A Standard Bedroom Door?


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This is tougher than it sounds if you want to find out without actually moving the sofa. If, however, there is an actual door, and an actual sofa, here is how I would approach it.

1) Measure everything. You need length, width and depth of the sofa, and width and height of the doorframe. Also, you should measure the thickness of the wall through the frame and determine the amount of clear area just inside the door.

2) Make a scale diagram. I would use graph paper, probably 10 squares per inch, and draw the doorway and room entrance area to a reduced scale. Then on another sheet I would draw the sofa to the same scale. If you use 10 squares per inch paper, your drawing could make each square represent one inch. If you use 4 squares per inch, each square could represent 3 inches (so one inch of your drawing would represent one foot).

3) Cut out the sofa picture to make a "paper doll" that you can move around on the room diagram.

4) Use the sofa "paper doll" to experiment see if you have room to move through the door and swing around the angle needed.

Make sure you are accurate in your measurements and your drawing. You may need to make two different drawings - one showing the "plan view" or how everything looks from above, and an "elevation view", meaning how everything looks from the front.

If you are having trouble getting the sofa through the door, you may be able to stand the sofa on end and go through the door that way. Also, don't forget that you could possibly tip the sofa onto its "face" and move it that way, since the sofa may not be as tall as it is deep.

You can use your paper diagrams to check out all those possibilities ahead of time before you have to actually lift anything.

Good Luck!

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