How Do You Stop Loud Humming Noise When Toilet Tank Refills After Flushing?


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The humming noise can be several issues. It could the water pressure that changes when taps are turned on and excessive water can often cause sounds of expanding water trying to squeeze through the pipes.  Water pressure should be 40 - 50 pounds per square inch (psi), which is generally the equation to go for with home usage. Be sure to get a water pressure regulator if you are without one or check to make sure the pressure is below the recommended pressure and fully functioning. 

Another problem can be the washer, either it is loose or missing, those washers can be found in the valves of the toilet such as the plunger valve link. The wearing out of this particular washer will cause the water in the toilet to continue flowing after a flush.

Another cause can be a mineral deposit, which can build up in the valve that enables the water to refill.  The best way to rid yourself of these deposits is to soak the valves in distilled vinegar until the deposit breaks down, that could be an all-night operation so prepare your family in advance.

Faucet or ‘tap’ washer is another culprit, the sound is caused by the water flowing either side of the washer, which has deteriorated, the simple solution is to change the washer or the whole shut off valve. The ball cock located in the cistern also has washers attached to it and can be a common cause of humming.
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The cut off valve or the tank fillvalve has a loose wash.etc replacing them should fix your water hammer problem

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