Kohler Memoirs Toilet Doesn't Stop Filling After Flushing. When I Take The Tank Cover Off And Touch The Top Of The Float, It Does Stop. How To Fix? Is There An Adjustment On The Phillips Head Atop Of Bar?


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Rena Chisholm answered
The float needs to be adjusted and without actually seeing the inner workings of the tank, it is difficult to say for sure where the adjustment is.
It is usually attached to the horizontal arm of the float that juts out from the vertical bar where the two connect, just underneath the float arm.
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It is correct to assume the Philips head is to adjust the water level. When you tighten it down it should raise the float and shut down the water. If not then go the opposite direction. If neither of these adjustments work, try shutting off the water to the toilet, pop off the cap to the fluid master flush valve, You will see a diaphragm which can be removed by simultaneously lifting both of the wing clips and turn counter clockwise, check the rubber diaphragm for debri and reinstall.

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