Our Well Pump Does Not Shut Off After Flushing The Toilet. What Is Wrong And How Do I Fix It? I Cannot Afford Plumber.


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Don't know how old your well pump is, but it could be the points are sticking. If you see a small cover on the side of the pump, take it off and check to see if the contacts are stuck. If so, you may be able to take a fingernail file and lightly sand them once you have thumped the pump to shut it off or take a flathead screw driver to manually separate them. Also try spraying some WD-40 on them after cleaning them off with the file.
Lived in homes with well pumps my entire childhood and half my adult life. Did this plenty of times. It keeps the contacts from burning up.
This is just an educated guess but it might save you the expense of a plumber and a big headache also.
If it is the contacts on the regulator, and they are too burnt, ( you can tell by looking at them), then you can buy another set at a supply store and replace yourself. Take the part with you plus the name & model # of the pump.
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It could have a one-way valve in it which could be sticking or faulty. If it is pump driven it will have a pressure switch on somewhere, the cistern should fill with water which will cause the switch to activate which will shut down the pump.
Check if switch or pressure valve as could be faulty!
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It's water logged or your regulator is bad! Sounds like a regulator!
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Most well pumps are shut off by a manual float. Very similar to the one in your toilet tank. There could be a problem with the float itself or more likely the shutoff valve at the opposite end of the float.

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