Whirlpool washer, model WFW8300SW04, the lights come on when I push Power, but when I push the Start button, it shuts everything off. How do I fix this?


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I am not a repairman,but I would suggest checking to see if the lid/flip switch is working.in other words even if everything is working properly the lid switch will cause the washer to stay off/not kick on. This is to keep the washer from thinking the washer door is open amking a mess/slinging water out of the unit or possible bodily harm from a kid/adult sticking their hands in the unit while it is on. Sort of like when in a car and the vehicle won't start unless the seatbelt is latched to prevent fatal accidents.just my guess.if you don't know how to check this I suggest getting a maintenance warranty plan for your washer to cover any future repairs by the manufacturer.saves you a lot of grief and cash.unless you can afford to buy another new washer/dryer set anytime they malfunction/break down. : )

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