My Washing Machine Won't Go Into The Rinse And Spin Cycle. What Do I Do?


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The reason could be as basic as a clog, or something more serious that must be repaired by a qualified repairman. The good news, however, is that there are some things you can do yourself to try and solve the problem. It can be quite challenging to do some things but worth your while if you're able to fix the problem without hiring a repair man.

Remember that a washing machine won't spin if the can't drain. Hence, you should go about checking the hoses in the machine for kinks or clogs that can stop water from draining. If there are kinks you can simply try and straighten them out. If it can't be straightened properly, however, then you should just try and replace the hose. You can check for clogged hoses by using screwdrivers to remove hoses and look within them. You could even try running water through them to see if it comes out at the other end. If you find a clog you can try and remove it, and once it is cleared, you should put it back in place. Hopefully now the machine will spin. Make sure you use rags to mop up the water that will have been spilled in this process.

If it still doesn't work, however, then you can check to see whether the lid is closing properly. Close the lid and ensure that it shuts all the way down. There should be a click when it closes, and if there isn't then you will probably need it replaced. Purchase a new lid and follow the manufacturer's directions for replacing the machine's switch. If you are still encountering problems, however, then it's time to get the repairman. He'll be able to solve the problem for an agreed price.
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Whirlpool washer will not run through the cycles. All cycles work but have to manually change to the next cycle
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I have replace the coupler in my roper washing machine because it wouldn't spIN. It still doesn't spin. What shall I check to diagnose and fix the problem??
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Needs a new belt that drives the drum most likely
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As the spinner don't move that's why it doesn't rinse. It seems like its spinner is jam. IT might be something struck into it or some wire has been broken. If you know some electricians work then open the spinner and check whats the situation.

But if you don't know any such work then don't try this at all and simply take your washing machine on the shop or else washing machine will get more problems.
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Check to see if the pin on the lid is not broken or that nothing is keeping it from pushing the switch down. Or try placing something heavy on the lid where the pin and switch meet.
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My servis 1200rpm washing machine wont go throught its cycle but pumps out and has power but does nothing else

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