My Maytag Washer Won't Fill Or Start, But It Has Power, What Could It Be?


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If your Maytag washer keeps giving you the OD (open door signal) and wont start it is the locking
unit. The same thing happened to me. I had to call Sears and they they put in new locks. At first
they just cleaned the wires but 6 month later it happened again. They can't just keep scrapping
rust off the wires because the wires will break. So they had to replace the whole lock. Maytag
washer have two locks in the back, if you see rust at the back hinge most likely your locking
mechanism wires are rusted. The part number is 6 2902540 or Ark-Les 11500-61 depending where you
get the part from. If you just replace this one it makes the other lock work too. This number is the
master lock with the magnet in it that control the other lock on the other side.
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Yes it might be fuse as it didn’t start, just take the washer to the repairer and get it checked properly.

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