Why Won't My Washing Machine Stay In Balance?


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Does the movement have any effect on the Dryer? If it seems to make the Dryer shake quite a bit. Custom cut a 3/4 sheet of plywood underneath the washer and dryer, that will correct it. Especially if in a mobile home. Yet many track houses built today, do not have sufficient structural support either, and a sure give-away, is the effect it has causing the Dryer to Rock I'm assuming someone's done the obvious, and attempted to level properly. And the maytag comment above..it's not that he has nothing to do, it's that they don't pay him, what he's worth..
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my washer was shaking and moving around alot for about a month....it was the transmission going in it and it eventually died.
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I have the same problem, my washer is a top loading high efficiency.  The tub sits very loosly inside.  It almost always goes unbalanced, especially on smaller loads.  I would say probably 8 out of ten times reguardless of the load size.  It automatically adds the correct amout of water and sometimes takes unlimited number of times to adjust so I just take them as they are and dry them extra.  The good thing is when it does spin it does an outstanding job and spins extremly fast.  Does anyone else have this problem with there high efficiency top loading washer?
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Sounds like to me you are putting to many cloths in the washer. When my washer does that it is because the kids have put to many cloths in it. If it will spin after you adjust the cloths it doesn't sound like a major problem. I would start by seeing if smaller loads would stop the problem and if not call the maytag repair man. They say he has nothing to do. Lol
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You might be using too much water. Set the machine to add only enough water to barely cover the clothes. If you use too much, it allows the clothes to "swim" and they tend to clump in one area. It's not a hundred per cent cure, but it may help cut down on some of the unbalance.

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