Why Does My Washing Machine Squeak?


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A squeaky washing machine is a sign that there is a problem internally; almost certainly with the belt or pump. Noises can vary and are often affected by the size of the load and it's unlikely that you will be able to identify the problem by the noise alone. If you hear your machine squeaking it's best to contact a mechanic who will be able to examine the machine and identify the source of the noise.

  • What does the belt do?

The belt brings together the various sources of energy and movement in the washing machine needed to rotate the drum. The belt works with a system of pulleys that transfers the power from the motor to the pump. Belts are specially manufactured for each machine, when the belt becomes worn or slack it effects the performance of the machine; which leads to unusual noises.

  • What does the pump do in my washing machine?

Your pump is a small motor with the purpose of emptying the machine out between the sequences of wash and rinse. With the flow of water essential to the working of a washing machine, the pump is absolutely critical; a blocked or damaged pump prevents the washing machine from functioning.

  • Importance of maintenance

Since a washing machine is built around a moving part, the drum, there is bound to be wear and tear issues that require maintenance. Getting your machine serviced every two or three years should ensure that any faults are identified early. Servicing may seem costly, but if it ensures that your washing machine remains in perfect working order, it is a small price to pay.
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All washing machines run on a belted system. Machines, like washing machines, tend to squeak over time due to the wear and tear of the belt. Either your belt is wore out, stretched or cracked. You can get a new belt for it, and replace it your self very easily by owners manual, or you can ask someone that knows how to help you fix the problem. Or it could simply be the belt arm is dry and needs lubricated. It would not hurt to do this also while replacing the belt at the same time.
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Bad belt

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