My Whirlpool Washer Won't Fill With Water But It Will Spin .. What Part Needs Replacing?


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Some water valves can be disassembled and you can clean the scale/mineral deposits off and avoid paying 50-70 bucks for a new assembly.
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Check the shut-off valves on the wall.  If they're not on, the hoses will be soft.  If they're on, the hoses will be very firm. 

Other than that obvious thing, the next thing would be the the timer and the electric water valves inside. 

Have you tried both cold and hot water fills?  Those are two different valves.  Maybe only one is bad.

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wont fill cold or hot . one time it filled then emptied but no rinse. It also spins . I was told it is rare the timer will go , so the next thing is the electronic water valve. Thanks
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If it's the old kind of mechanical timer, it's not that rare to have a failure. Electronic timers are usually more reliable, but when they go they can produce lots of odd symptoms.

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