How To Adjust Water Fill Level On Top-loading Clothes Washing Machine?


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This is a common problem with washing machines. The water at times keeps on getting filled so that it comes all over the floor. If this happens, it would mean that something is wrong with the pressure switch which is located near the top of the machine inside the cabinet. If the machine has been tipped up, it can be reset by draining every bit of water out of it. Usually, in washing machines, they have three options for adjusting water fill level. The option for the highest water fill level is automatically set to the maximum that the machine can operate with.
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Good answer - but not complete. There is an internal adjustment that can be (very carefully) reset. this will allow the water level to be raised to a "more usable position"
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I have a 2005 model GE washer that would overfill only on SUPER size load. After looking around on the web, then inside the machine, I found an adjustment screw on the load size selector / pressure switch (all one piece). I moved it one turn clockwise, then ran a test cycle. I got lucky on the first try... No more overflow, the water comes up just above the top holes in the tub. I hope this will help others.

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