How Do I Repair An Outdoor Faucet That Is Badly Stripped? The Water Won't Shut Off, Even Though I Shut Off Main Water Supply Into Our House Located In The Laundry Room.


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Shut off the water at the water meter.   At that location, you're assured that cuts off the whole house and the yard.  Then find the lowest point and drain the house plumbing and replace the whole valve.  Replacement valves are pretty cheap so it's usually not worth trying to fix the valve seat or gaskets.
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Thank you! This is exactly what I had a plumber do, and replace the rod attached to the outdoor faucet. It involved taking off some of the siding and putting it back in later. Now our water bill is back to normal and we avoided a bad water leak into the walls of the house. I wish I had shut off the water at the curb sooner. My water bill was double for three months.
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It sounds to me that the main valve feeding the home is not seating properly..if that is the case you should call the water dept. Or a licensed plumber to fix the valve....think about it ...if you have a MAJOR LEAK  how will you shut off water to the home ...a expensive insurance claim or replace the valve!! It's a NO BRAINER!!!
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My suggestion is you call an expert. Because he has an experience and they give the best solution for it.

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Pretty tough issue. But I think that more complicated is to deal with the consequences of this problem. I remember when a leak in my cottage spoilt the exterior walls of the building. I found nothing better than cover them with siding and it turned out well ultimately.

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