I Have A One Handle Tub/shower Faucet And It Is Leaking Badly. Can You Help?


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From your desciption, I am wondering if it is the faucet, (where the water comes out of), that you are trying to take off, or the handle.
If it is the faucet, and you do not see a small hole underneath it, then it may be the type that just screws on and off. But be careful while turning it because many older homes have copper piping and you could easily damage the pipe, which would cause a major leak and you would most likely have to call a plumber if that were to happen. Before attempting to remove the faucet, make sure you know where your main water shut off valve is just in case you have to turn it off, due to pipe damage.

If it is the handle you are trying to remove, then you should see a small hole on the side of the handle closest to the back plate. You may need a very small hexagon,( star shaped), or a square screwdriver to put inside the hole to remove the tiny screw.
All I can suggest is take a flashlight and shine it into the hole to see which type of screwdriver you will need.
If it is the handle, then it probably needs a new rubber washer, but you can purchase a new handle and plate for around twenty dollars. It doesn't have to be the same brand, but probably will have to be the same style to avoid having to replace the mechanism that is attached to the water pipe itself. Remove the handle and backplate and take it with you when you go to purchase a new one.
 If the part which is attached to the pipe is leaking, then I would suggest you call a plumber.
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Every faucet in my house has very hot water except the bath tub when I turn the handle (Moen) it only gives luke warm water. Do you have any idea what this problem could be?

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