My Shower Faucet Won't Turn On The Shower. What Do I Do?


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If your shower won't turn on, find a flat-headed screwdriver. Pop the faucet cap off, and use a Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver, to unscrew the faucet itself. Do not unscrew the metal inside the pipe that allows water through, just remove the handle. Sometimes, with plastic, the screw grooves crack or wear. This is a simple swap job.

It could be a metal handle that's stuck. Try some lubricating oil and a bit of force. If this doesn't work the unit may have seized up, and you need professional help.

  • What is a Shower Faucet?
A faucet is commonly known elsewhere in the world as a tap. It either turns or is a push button that allows water to fill a bathtub, sink or run from a shower.

American units are usually a combined faucet which have two handles for determining bath or shower, and to control temperature.

  • How does a faucet work?
The mechanism behind a tap or faucet often works on a blockage principle. The faucet screws one way and unscrews another. Unscrewing it allows water from the pipes to come out of the tap or shower.

With mixer taps, A pressure balance allows equal amounts of cold and hot water to come through. Multi-directional faucets have to control not only the temperature, and pressure, but also direct the water.

  • What if this doesn't work?
If this doesn't work then the best solution is to consult professional assistance. It will cost, but it is necessary. A good plumber will be able to fix this relatively quickly. Of course, there are always variables in this, such as the availability of parts, ability to fit the job in, and the age of your shower unit and pipes, but it's a relatively small job.
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Bad shut off valve, or diverter or clogged lines
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Try to report the situation and if the house is yours then hire a plumber to work on it ASAP because you need it.

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