What Causes Glass Shower Doors To Explode?


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The vast majority of shattered glass shower doors are because consumers purchase inferior quality compression fit sliding shower doors with clamped on hinges concealed under the header. Consumers are misled by cheap flimsy compression fit shower doors that look similar to superior quality predrilled and continuous bond systems!
They look similar,...But they're not the same!
If the buyer compared "apples to apples" and was not fooled by price alone, they would rarely have a problem!

All too often, consumers buy heavy frameless glass from the low bidder because they only compared the thickness of the glass and ended up with "spontaneous implosion" because  their shower doors were installed with inferior quality hinge systems!
Don't be fooled by price alone! Think twice before you purchase cheap clamped on notch-less hinge systems. Glass shatters when the glass slips from the hinge and the vulnerable edge hits another panel of glass or a hard surface.

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Glass showered doors are mostly made of tempered glass, which is produced by subjecting plate glass to a specialized heating process. The tempered glass can explode at any moment, if there is even a slight scratch, crack or stress on its surface. This is the reason why glass shower doors explode.

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