How Can I Clean My Windows And Microwave Oven?


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A house will always look better if its windows are clean and shinny. Clean windows save electricity as it allows sunrays to pass through it and also keeps the house warm in winters. In order to clean your windows just follow these steps:
The first step is to gather the stuff you need to clean the windows like brushes, towels, water etc.
The second step is to clean the windowpanes from outside because this area faces most of the dirt.
The third step is to spray water on the windowpanes and then clean them with towel and change the towels as soon as its get dirty. You can also use newspaper instead of towel. Don't clean the windows in direct sunlight, as it will take your time and energy. You can also use solutions for cleaning which are easily available in the market.
If something has spilled in your oven you can sprinkle salt on it that will prevent it from catching fire and it will also make cleaning easier. You can also use solutions available in market or you can simply wipe off the stains and food by a warm, wet towel. Don't forget to wear gloves before cleaning.
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I use baby diapers and I have a big stack of them, as you just wash them all in hot water, soap, and bleach and always have a stack of clean rags. But I use a lot of them to clean all my glass and I use more then one rag, I will use at least 4 clean rags, just for, one window, so your not rewashing the glass with one dirty rag, that is one thing that people do wrong and then I use a spray bottle with 1/2 of filtered water and 1/2 mix of alcohol. It is the best cleaning mixture I have ever used.
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Place a dampened hand towel in the microwave, put on high for 2 minutes, will wipe clean effortlessly, even the worst . For window glass, try straight white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and clean with newspaper of non fuzzy paper towels.
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We had this problem as we used to live by the sea - windows in our house were constantly struck by sea mist and dirt.

In my opinion it's best to use a microfibre cloth to ensure a decent clean that leads to a nice sheen (no rhyme intended).

Avoid vast amounts of detergent - this prevents smearing (and makes it far less expensive for you if you need to clean your windows regularly).

Interestingly, it's best to avoid cleaning the windows during the day - the heat from the sun will lead to smearing. Wait until the sun goes down!

Here are some additional tips on cleaning your windows worth looking at:

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