Where Can I Recycle My Microwave Oven?


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Where can I recycle my microwave oven? There are two ways of doing this. If a microwave oven is still in working condition, you can recycle it and thereby give it a second life.

- Sell it on. Clean it up and check to make sure no accessories are missing, including the power cord. A working microwave oven can be sold through the small ads in a local newspaper, which is usually a free service. Or you could take it to a car boot sale or put a card up in a local shop.                                                                                                   

- Give it away. It could be given away to friends or family or donated to a charity, though charity shops do not always take electrical items. You could leave it in the front garden with a free sign on it. A microwave oven with a free sign on it will usually get taken by a someone passing by within a short space of time, especially if the sign mentions that it is still working.

If a microwave oven is not in working condition, it can still be recycled. Call your local council and  find out where to take it. If your council cannot help you, put ‘metal recycling’ in to your internet search engine for your area.

If all else fails, there are plenty of authorised scrap metal dealers that will dispose of your oven in a green, proper and responsible manner. They will also collect it from you, though you sometimes have to pay for this type of service.

If you are unable to achieve any of these options there are stil a couple other choices you can make. Some places take broken microwave ovens and either repair them or salvage parts from them and recycle the leftover parts.

Check yellow pages for local home appliance repair shops.

A microwave oven is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. When it comes time to replace it with a new model, there is no shortage of people who will be only too pleased to be able to take your  old one.
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Microwaves have very few parts that are reusable or can be modified. There must be some local recycling agency that can take your microwave for recycling. However, since you have not mentioned your location, here is a link for online help:
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Yes, but only some of the part only can recycle and only by any machenic.

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