why we use microwave oven?


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Reheat, cook.

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Finally a question after my own heart!!!! Good morning my friend! Did the hay bundles arrive safely for your front yard?
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Yep. They're sitting on the porch waiting for the party to start. I'm a little ahead of schedule this year.
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It's better to be ahead then behind for sure! ☺
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I use mine for all my cooking. Reheat my pizza, tea, steam veggies and warm my bread.

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OH my gosh I almost jumped out of my seat for JOY for this question! Oh this is a question after my own HEART!!!! Why I use microwave???? So my family wont starve!!! Lolololo!!! It helps us BAD cooks in the kitchen.... Trust me! Im an expert!!!! 😂😂

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Hello there, my mother and my sister often bake cakes in the
oven. They melt ingredients such as butter and chocolate. We may also use it to
heat water to prepare tea or coffee, as it is less time consuming than using a
kettle. Also, microwave is helpful to reheat leftover before consuming.

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